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Playstation Vita

Bam, Vita, It’s here.  Now that it’s out and I’ve purchased, played and tinkered with my own console I can now safely say that there are things I absolutely love, and things that are just woeful about Sony’s new machine.

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Things I like:

  • 3G
The 3G feature was one of the huge selling points for me.  To have the ability to go online whenever and wherever I want is a luxury.  A lot of people will already have this feature built into their smart phones or iPads and won’t really see the significance and I can totally understand that but to have a device that works so seamlessly with games, apps, music, videos and online, is a real breath of fresh air to me.
  • Blue Tooth
Only recently have I synchronised my official Sony headset to it and not only does it pump game audio through blue tooth, it does chat and and music as well.  So whether you are playing a game or just listening to music out and about,  you can have it coming through you’re blue tooth headset direct into your ear.
  • Screenshot
Such a simple feature now made possible.  Almost always better then showing off achievements, a screenshot captures the exact moment you laid the smackdown on someone, and with Vita’s social functions, you can have it on Twitter, Flickr or Facebook in a matter of seconds.
  • PSN Pricing
Playstation Network pricing for Vita games have been modest.  No ridiculously high figures that you sometimes see on the PS3 PSN but more often then not £5 cheaper then boxed retail.  It’s a step in the right direction for sure.
  • Party App

Although at first glance the party app would seem somewhat redundant, in all honesty it’s probably one of the apps I use most.  Setting up a party is relatively straight forward and allows for cross game chat across a wifi network.  I pretty much have it running in the background consistently when I’m at home so people can go as they please.  Just look out for the party name “Tatsumi Port Island”  Lolz Persona 3.

  • Keyboard

I’ve never been a fan of touch screen keyboards and I’ve gotta give it to the Vita, I think it’s the best out of everything I’ve ever used.  Precise and a good cursor repeat rate mean I can type almost as fast and as accurately as I can on a normal keyboard.

  • Live Tweet

I’m used to using the likes of tweet deck for my tweeting when I’m at home and the official BlackBerry app on my phone when I’m away.  This has now been replaced primarily with Live Tweet.  It’s fast and again accurate and gives you all the options you need to tweet to your hearts content.

Now for the down side.  Some of the things that are listed below have been listed as things I like as well but sometimes, as with most things, it’s a double edged sword.  Sony they giveth and they taketh away.

  • PS1 Backwards compatibility

Completely absent.  This speaks for itself – If you can get it working on a PSP Base 1000 – You can get it working on a Vita.  Get it done.

  • Copy and Paste

You can’t.  Although the predictive text is very good and memorises commonly used text strings, the able to copy and paste is such a basic function, I am perplexed as to why it’s an after thought.

  • You Tube

No YouTube app and no YouTube web browser support.  It’s not crippling but when you have apps available like Twitter and Facebook where people are frequently posting links to YouTube, it would be nice to be able to view them.  I have heard that they are working on an app to rectify this but again for it to miss the console launch is a little disappointing.

  • 3G

Although the 3G is great for on the go web access, the fact that it currently doesn’t support any kind of asynchronous gaming or voice chat over a mobile network is still a ways off from realising its true potential.

  • Flash

No flash player means very little in the way of browser based games and or video being played.  BBC Iplayer and the like on the go would be immense, not to mention a drain on your data plan but still.  I for one would seriously consider looking at different data options if I was able to watch catch up TV on demand on my Vita.

  • No 32Gb Vita Memory Card

Where is it?  I don’t understand why this wasn’t part of the EU lineup of peripherals available on launch.  The amount of people who have asked me for one alone has been staggering.  People want to purchase content from the Playstation Store, just have nowhere to download it all too.

  • PS2 Backwards Compatibility

With the recent addition of PS2 titles on the Playstation Store one would hope that they were now taking the leap from your TV to your lap.  Sadly no.  Get these games portable and you will literally open a pandoras box worth of content for the Vita.

All in all, I would 100% recommend a Playstation Vita to anyone with a catalogue of Sony content already downloaded or to someone looking for a gaming dedicated portable tablet alternative.  It’s difficult to stack it up next to the 3DS as Nintendo build their machines with fun gaming experiences in mind and then design the interface and app packages to match.  Playstation Vita is an adults handheld that offers more functionality then your Playstation 3 on the go and with tried and tested IP’s like Uncharted and Little Big Planet on the way there is no reason why Sony couldn’t steal a piece of handheld gaming pie.


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  1. Picked mine up on Weds. Haven’t tried party yet, but will have a look at it now you’ve said it’s worthwhile. Can agree with pretty much everything you’ve said, I love mine already & can’t wait for more apps. YouTube would be great because sound & graphics are excellent. Also impressed with battery life. Had a few problems with it freezing & crashing on first day, but nothing since. Also keen to get Facebook back on, best version I’ve used so far. Nice review!

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