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What’s Up With That? Useless Firmware Updates

Updates.  So many updates.  I don’t know about you but when I get a game I want to be able to put it in and just start playing.  Whether it’s on the Xbox or the Playstation you can’t escape the inevitable mandatory update or install.  It’s painful.  What’s up with that?

The most annoying of these updates are the firmware updates that literally do nothing.  The worst culprit of this is Sony.

Sony are the masters of the useless firmware update.  Playstation 3 owners have been crying out for system updates that allow you to group content correctly, emulate Playstation 2 titles, improve stability and functionality of the web browser and of course cross game chat.  In the last five years, yes five years, none of these have been remotely addressed.  Instead we get updates that include numerous “Improves system stability” messages.  What the hell does that even mean?  Every time I update my firmware on a Sony device I never know whether or not it will turn on again.

So today with my Vita I learn that the firmware Sony released yesterday had already been pulled and replaced by a newer version fixing bug issues.  I update my Vita using the network update feature and low and behold, it crashes.  Fortunately using the debug menu I was able to give life to my Vita again but what have I got for my troubles?

Improved system stability

10 Minute delay for auto standby

….Soooo where’s my PS1 compatibility?  Where’s my internet radio?  Where’s my youtube?


What’s up with that?


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