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E3 2012: Sony

With Microsoft’s self destruction behind us we looked to Sony to follow up with what can only be described as damage limitation and to be fair, they patched up the gaping wounds left only hours earlier.  Sony’s main focus was games which ranged from new IP, to tried and tested, to down right worthless but at least there was a games presence to speak of.

Kicking off the show was Quantic Dream’s new IP – Beyond.  Eagerly anticipated since the tech demo Kara, Beyond features the talents of none other then Ellen Page.  Mapped completely into the game, Ellen’s vocal and acting talents will be transferred into the game’s main character whose name escapes me.  Centred around a girl who can communicate with the dead, Beyond promises to offer the same rich depth of characters and story telling that Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain have demonstrated before it.

Following that, other Sony first party exclusives such as Last of Us, God of War and Super Smash Bro’s all had some show time.  Last of Us is starting to look really good and I believe is slated for a 2013 release.  God of War on the other hand, while still looking good, has been seen and done before.   Smash Bro’s on the other hand looks like the two previous games that came before it, strangely enough two Nintnedo exclusives so it’s a mystery as to why this one is a Sony…wait…so it’s not Smash Bros?  See I thought Smash Bros was a game where you took loved characters from well known franchises, stuck em all in one place and watch them duke it out in a family friendly manner suitable for all.  Ahhh I see the difference.  Here we have characters no one cares about in a game that has been shamelessly copied from a rival company because we have a failing dev studio that can’t come up with it’s own ideas or direction so has to piggy back off of Santa Monica.

PS1 games will finally be coming to the  Vita.  I viewed this announcement as more of an apology for not having it ready at launch then any great news.  What would of been great news is that PS2 would be coming to Vita as well but apparently it’s not a priority to bring great games to a console with none any more.

Aside from that a partnership with HTC was announced bringing “Playstation Premium Content” to android phones.  I have no idea what this is.  An apology for the Xperia Play?

So then it came.  The Final Fantasy VII HD remake exclusive for Playstation 3.  Yeaaa right.  Every year I get my hopes up, every year.  I know I shouldn’t but there ya go.  JK Rowling’s Spell Book.  A waggle fest for kids who won’t be able to cast anything and an excuse to shake the dust off the move controller you’ve not used in months.  A good 20 minutes was spent convincing me that the tech was inaccurate and the game not worth my time so consider that job well done Sony.

If there was anything else then I can’t remember it.  I’m sorry, it was a week ago and I should of done this then.  To be fair, if it was worth remembering I would of.


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