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What’re Ya Boyin’

Failed attempt to phonetically recreate the ramblings of this man‘s iconic one liner as a subject for your latest entry is always a good way to start a post.  Reason being is that, shown above, is what I will be buying over the coming months and I’m going to tell you why.  Obviously if I find myself with some spare dolla I’ll pick up some other bits as well but failing that, this will definitely be hitting my shelves on day 1 of their release.

Kicking things off is Resident Evil 6.  Anyone who speaks to me about Resident Evil knows how much I hate where the series has deviated.  I’m sorry but the only similarities that remain are with the characters and nothing more.  Resident Evil was text book survival horror.  What we have now is text book action.  To be fair to Capcom, they’ve taken Resident Evil down a very different, yet still very successful route, and full marks to them.  However, I miss Raccoon City and Jill sandwiches.

Resident Evil 6 looks like it’s shaping up to be one hell of an action packed blockbuster, seeming to opt for a more cinematic style of story telling.  We’ve seen lots of trailers and gameplay where big explosions and lengthy action sequences look like they’ve been ripped out of the movies.  I think it’s fair to say that this Resident Evil looks like it’s raised the bar considerably since 5 in every department and will no doubt sell a butt load come launch.  So why is it costing me £130?

My former employer, GAME, have a cracking exclusive special edition containing the following:

  • Zombie Steel Book
  • Exclusive Resident Evil 6 hardback artbook showing concept art from the game
  • An exclusive Dynamic Theme for PS3 owners
  • Ivy University, Tall Oaks hooded sweatshirt (one size)
  • The Resident Evil 6 forces emblems – High quality enamelled zinc alloy emblems of the three main protagonists (Leon, Chris & Jake) squad insignias, mounted and set in a limited numbered frame authenticated with signatures from Senior producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi , Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Resident Evil 6 Director Eiichiro Sasaki
  • All of the above amazing goodies are bundled together on the ‘Needle Bomb’ collectors box (as seen in the RE6 announce trailer) with lenticular images
If you think you might like this too then you can click the image above and pre order a copy.
Against all the odds I actually really enjoyed Borderlands.  I’m not much of a first person shooter fan and to be honest I didn’t get into it straight away.  I spoke to a 2K rep at London’s MCM expo when it launched and he told me to stick with it, which I did, and here I am now sinking £100 into a sequel.  He also gave me a pretty cool shoulder bag.
Borderlands 2 looks to improve on what came before it with new locations, enemies, characters, classes, skills and of course an updated arsenal of ever spawning weaponry.  So why is it costing me £100?
Again exclusive to GAME and since sold out, the Ultimate Loot Chest Edition includes the following:
  • Replica Loot Chest
  • Field Notes from Sir Hammerlock
  • Vending Machine Bobblehead Box
  • Marcus Bobblehead
  • Steelbook
  • Art Book
  • Cloth Map
  • Stickers
  • Four Lithograph Postcards
  • Creature ID Wall Chart
  • Numbered Certificate
  • Comic Book
It’s a pretty comprehensive collectors edition, more comprehensive then the obscenely priced Skyrim one.  Count me in.
Consider me a Kingdom Hearts fan, I own them all.  I haven’t played them all however as I don’t believe that the quality that was Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 can ever be matched on a handheld.  You can come close, I’ll give you that, and you can say Birth By Sleep was amazing, I give you that too, but let me give you this.  Birth By Sleep…PS3…1080p…Surround Sound.  I’ll just leave that there.
I already own this game, it’s brilliant, I gave my thoughts on it here. Tales of Graces F is easily one of the best RPGs I’ve played this year and with Namco Bandai Games bringing out an exclusive European Day One edition similar to the treatment Dark Souls got, I have to do it justice and just buy it again.  So why is it costing me £70?
Well I’m buying two.  One for me and one for a Tales fan from Chile who contacted me through community manager Hollie B‘s TalesOfU Twitter account.  #TalesFansUnite should probably trend.
So what can we look forward to?
  • Hardback Art Book
  • DLC
  • Making Of
  • Soundtrack
  • Special Box

All for the same price as a standard copy.  Yum.


Easily the most beautiful game ever made, Ghibli and Level 5 combine to give us a real feast for the senses.  I’ve been talking about Ni No Kuni for a while and even had the trailer rolling in Japanese in Luton’s late Gamestation store.  You may have seen it?  What’s even better is that it’s coming to the US and Europe in January and with it, a special edition.

Currently on order with ShopTo, however not exclusive, splashing £70 on this dream boat will get you the following:

  • DLC
  • Wizard Book
  • Plush

Glorious.  The reason it’s costing me twice as much is because I want two.  One to use, one to keep sealed.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2.  Why?  I don’t really know.  I am properly rubbish at Tekken and always have been.  I like the look of the collectors edition and I quite liked Tekken Tag 1.  I doubt I’ll ever pop this open to play it seriously but I guess when people come round we’ll have those drunken games.  If nothing else it’ll boost my local multiplayer options when I have people over.

So why is it costing £60?

  • Remix Soundtrack
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Art book
  • Behind the scenes
  • Steelbook

I like the look of this and I think it’s the first time that the Tekken series has been bundled together with extras.  Boom.


Currently coming up last but by no means least is Dead or Alive 5.  I’m not bad at the DOA franchise, was pretty good at 2, little rusty on 5 having played nothing in between but after giving it a go at this year’s May London Expo I was sold.  Graphically it is superb and is still as smooth as it ever was.
Why is this costing me £50?  Two Words.  Swim Suits.
To be fair, swim suits weren’t the sole selling factor for me.  I liked all the other bits featured in the collectors edition listed below:
  • Swim suit DLC
  • Art Book
  • Soundtrack
  • Poster
  • Steel book
Well for the moment that is it however If the list gets any longer then I’m sure if you follow me on Twitter you’ll see me talking about it or see it on here.  Either way.
Have a good one!

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