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REVIEW: Dear Esther


Probably the best £3.49 I’ve spent in a long time and I had KFC today.  Going into it I knew nothing about it, I just watched a portion of the trailer and though that it looked amazing.  An hour later it was over and I came away feeling 100% satisfied with my experience having done absolutely nothing but walk around an island and listen to a man talk.  So why should you buy this game?

  • It doesn’t over stay its welcome.

What I mean by this is relatively straight forward.  The game isn’t very long.  You could probably muddle your way through it in about an hour and as there is no difficulty curve you’ll never find yourself getting stuck and throwing in the towel.

  • Purely story driven

Dear Esther relies on visual queues and narrated dialogue to to keep you hunting for the next part of the story.  A lot of it metaphoric and requires a level of intelligence to piece together.  The closer you pay attention and the more time you spend on the island, the deeper and more enriching the story becomes.

  • Soundtrack

After about 20 minutes you’ll see some similarities with the TV show Lost, not only visually but audibly as well.  Very simple chord repetitions on piano create a sombre atmosphere that fits in perfectly with the mise en scene and the story being told.

  • Graphics

You might of seen me tweet last night about a beautiful cave.  This cave.

This is running on my PC, no lag, full spec.  Beautiful.  This is just an interior and probably one of the most well lit in the game.  The exterior of the island, dilapidated buildings, flora and fauna all look as highly detailed as this. No expense spared.

Go and buy this game now.  50% off in the Steam sale.

Here’s some help

**Amazon just despatched Kingdom Hearts 3D**

Have a good one.


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