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NEWS: Ni No Kuni and We Are Tekken

On Friday 7th September I had the opportunity to visit GAME HQ in Basingstoke for a bit of a community meet in collaboration with Namco Bandai to celebrate the launch of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.  Tekken however, was not the only game Namco bought with them, oh no.  In a smaller room off to the side was Ni No Kuni.

If you follow me on twitter or have seen this blog before, chances are you’ll be up to speed with how much I want this game, and with the release date still months away having an opportunity to have some hands on tease time with it couldn’t be passed up.

For those of you who went to MCM Expo in May, the demo available was the one HollieB showed off in the two parts.  I opted for a slice of ding dong dell action with a dash of forest frolicking on the side.  What surprised me most about Ni No Kuni was the complexity of the battles.   It’s comparable to Kingdom Hearts in a sense that, if you’re into your RPGs, then there is enough in there to keep you satisfied but it’s not over complicated to deter new comers who just want a good old fashioned story.

Half way through my time with No No Kuni I was joined by Lauren Bradley from Namco, who, I’ve only ever spoken to over Twitter so it was ace to finally put a name to a face.   In addition to that I also go to meet up with Aaron from GAME and Joe, also from Namco.  I’ve promised Joe that by the time Eurogamer rolls around I will have an American PS2 and a copy of Chrono Cross for him to play.  Black label and manual, obviously.

It was great to meet the people behind the scenes and have everyone who shares a common love for all things gaming in the same place to geek out / nerd rage and nose bleed together. (No one had a nosebleed to my knowledge)


Other highlights included the formation of the #ProTips from Rident, the night out afterwards, in which myself and Tard, ended up sharing a bed with Vaughn.  BFFs now.

Roll on Eurogamer.  See you there



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