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IMPRESSIONS: Resident Evil 6 Demo


Announced not so long ago, demo codes bundled with Dragon’s Dogma and now we’re only what, 3 weeks from its launch on October 2nd.  Resident Evil 6 is one of the big releases this Christmas season and sets out to right the wrong of previous games by keeping fans of old and new happy with differing gameplay styles for each of the thee main campaigns.

Now I’ve had a go at the demo, what did I think?

If you’ve ever had a conversation with me about Resident Evil you’ll know that I adore the originals and sank money into a Gamecube just to play the remake, although Zero was good too.  I loathe the movies and while I agree that Resident Evil 4 is a great game, it’s not the Resident Evil I know and love.  It’s OK for games to change so that they remain fresh, but, I don’t think they need to completely remove what made them great in the first place.

Compared to nowadays, the hardware back in the Playstation 1 era was limited, leading to some of most iconic conventions that are now noticeably absent.  The fog in Silent Hill for example was so prevalent because the Playstation had notoriously bad draw distance.  Resident Evil’s limitations in contrast being fixed camera angles and the inability to move and shoot were not detrimental to the game at all and only served to heighten the level of fear created by the long winding hallways of the mansion, the zombie sounds off in the distance and the beautifully orchestrated soundtrack.

After outlining what made Resident Evil great, let’s take a look at how much of this has found a way into Resident Evil 6.  Nothing.  Let’s be clear from the off, I played through the “Leon” segment of the demo until the end and probably about a third of the way through the Chris section before I’d had enough.

For those of you who are wondering what I’m talking about in regard to these different characters and multiple campaigns, let me explain.  Resident Evil 6 has three separate campaigns on offer.  Each of the three stories will cross over at certain points and all feature a second playable character, of which, you can select before setting off allowing for drop in drop out co op with a friend.  The “Leon” story arc is aimed at those of us who enjoy a good survival horror, puzzles n’ all.  Chris’s story arc is more run and gun action.  Think Gears of War but with Chris Redfield and you’ve pretty much got the gist.  The last character, Jake is new to the franchise but has his roots firmly entrenched in the back story of Resident Evil as he is the son of Albert Wesker and offers a bit of something for everyone.

Leon’s demo was deflating to say the least.  At no point did I feel I was really in control of what was going on.  Being led almost on rails through what I assume was a university campus of sorts from the layout.  Towards the end of the demo I had the opportunity to shoot something however I found Leon’s boot more effective then the bullets I was using as Resident Evil 6 implements a melee combat system for the first time in the series.  The melee feels rigid and almost cinematic with blows automatically locking on causing fatal strikes to enemies with minimal effort.  While I understand that survival horror fans are supposed to resonate with Leon’s adventure, I saw nothing in the demo that remotely appealed to me as a series veteran.

Chris’s segment did even more to dissuade me from shelling out on day one as his run and gun charade felt dated compared to other more refined third person shooters such as Ghost Recon and Gears of War.  You could argue that by nature, Resident Evil 6 isn’t a third person shooter and you’d be right.  But there is very little room for excuse when your cover mechanic and camera angles do more to hinder your progress then they do to help you survive.  You could also argue that Resident Evil 6 is a survival horror, although I feel you would lose that one.

To put it all into perspective, when Resident Evil 6 was announced I slapped down my pre-order for the £130 GAME special edition.  On Tuesday I watched the unboxing of this edition to find that it was not what I had hoped and was compelled to cancel my order.  By the end of the day I had played as much of the demo as I have detailed above and have decided to leave it out of my collection altogether.

Come October 2nd I’ll be re-living the good old days of Resident Evils gone by.  The Jill Sandwiches from the original, being “Reckless and STOOPID” from the second and having Bazza Burton airlift me and Carlos out of Raccoon City at the end of the third.


Wish you were here


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  1. thanks again for the review and trustworthy opinion i’ll leave this till it can be picked up in the bargain bucket

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