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PREVIEW: Eurogamer Expo

Eurogamer kicks off today marking its fifth year running and third at Earls Court.  The expo offers members of the public and game industry regulars a chance to meet up, be social and play many of the new releases that are still a long way from being released.  Although for me personally this years expo hasn’t got a lot to offer, there is most definitely something for everyone and if you’re over the age of eighteen then even more as well.

Below is a list of where you are likely to find me throughout the course of the day.

I was burned by Revelations so I’m hoping that Assassins Creed III will be a return to form.  I know I won’t be buying Creed this year however Kirsty and Tard are, and I’m sure they would like to have a go.  The last few times Creed made an appearance it has only been the multiplayer, which holds no interest for me.  If it’s the same again this year I don’t think we’ll be here long.

Devil May Cry as a franchise has been pretty hit and miss over the years.  The first spawned from early development of Resident Evil 4 which was deemed too far removed from the original source material which is why it ended up as its own separate game.  The second game featured a second character, Lucia with a separate campaign.  The game was mediocre and is my least favourite of the series.  Devil May Cry 3 was a return to form featuring a younger more arrogant and cocky Dante, horrendous difficulty spikes plagued the games release resulting in it having to be adjusted and reissued however it still remains my favourite of the series.  The final entry and first on the next gen consoles again had two campaigns and two separate characters.  Dante again but for the first half of the game you played as Nero, a man who had a demon arm.  I enjoyed the Nero half, the Dante half however felt lack lustre as many of the levels were just Nero’s in reverse.

So here we are at DMC, the original abbreviation for the franchise featuring an all new look Dante from the guys over at Ninja Theory, responsible for Enslaved – Odyssey to the West and Playstation 3 launch title Heavenly Sword.  Initially, reaction to the reboot was met with opposition however over time and with more hands on exposure, DMC has generally been met with praise.

Metal Gear Rising has been in development for a while now, having it change hands midway through, it was at this point I became interested.  Far from your traditional Metal Gear, Rising has opted for a more Tenchu meets Vanquish approach (Bet you’d never thought you’d hear that) to gameplay.  The game features over the top ninja action as fans of the genre will finally have the chance to control the “Cyborg Ninja”, although not Grey Fox or  Olga, but Raiden.  Raiden’s look is taken from Metal Gear Solid 4 where he was seen dishing out the punishment in many of the cut scenes.  Now developed by Platinum Games, Rising promises to be one hell of an action packed ride.

I usually give Need For Speed games a wide birth unless they are developed by Critereon.  Burnout Paradise was insane and for a time the only thing I played on my Playstation 3.  Most Wanted this year, from what I’ve seen, seems to be a return to form and closely resembles that of Burnout Paradise so naturally I want a go.

Ni No Kuni will be the greatest RPG you have ever played.  I had a go 3 weeks back and it is as good as it looks.  If you want to know a bit more about what I think regarding No No Kuni then I think there are three posts about it on here.  Take your pick.

Easily one of the best games available for Wii U at launch.  Rayman Origins was great and from what I watched at E3, this seems to be even better.

Tomb Raider, another reboot.  This time features a younger more inexperienced Lara Croft as players will discover her roots and path to becoming the Lara we’ve seen before.   I’m interested to see whether or not old Tomb Raider mechanics have been ditched in favour of a more action  orientated game as a lot of what I’ve seen has tended to be more of the latter.  Crystal Dynamics have done a stellar job over the last few years keeping old and new fans happy and even bringing me back into the franchise with Legends.

Zone of the Enders will be a day one purchase.  The first ZOE was a great game in its own right however was shadowed by  being bundled with the highly anticipated playable demo of Metal Gear Solid 2.  Hopefully the HD treatment will give this game a second lease of life as it is definitely worth a look


Feel free to stop me and say hi.  We’ll be heading a pub at some point during the day.  Get involved.


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