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REVIEW: Rocksmith

I have waited for this game for just over a year due to licensing issues but with them now resolved, I look to Rocksmith to teach me more then I’ve taught myself in the last 5 years to see if it can actually make me better then I am now.

I’m going to give Rocksmith the longevity factor here, meaning that because I’ve only played it for 3 days now maybe I’m good at guitar and not good at the game, which is why I’m having difficulty playing simple songs.

Rocksmith can be quite easily be reviewed using the: Good, Bad and Ugly scale.  So here we go.

The Good

  • Track list
  • Theory explanations
  • It teaches

The Bad

  • The game jumps difficulty horrendously.  Assumes you know solos out of the blue and often makes you feel useless.
  • The interface itself is overly congested with colours strings and numbers.  An option to switch between some sort of tab interface would be nice.
  • Combo mode has you working all over the guitar and no clear indication is given as to when this is happening until the camera pans out giving you the worst possible view of everything

The Ugly

  • Menu navigation is horrific
  • Loading times are ridiculous

I hope I get better at the game because I can genuinely see scope for improvement.  I just gave my housemate a go and he had no idea what was going on as I couldn’t seem to select a lower difficulty because I assume its buried in a menu somewhere.

I’ll persevere and report my progress


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