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Review Scores & Bioshock Infinite


The last two major triple A releases, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite, have both received heaped praise from pretty much every media source on the planet, and yet there seem to be an isolated few of us, stranded and forgotten, who seem to disagree.  As with any release you get the people who love the game, hate the game and simply do not care.  Games that score a 10 would indicate to me that all three of these categories are catered for, and that universally whoever you spoke to would agree the same.

With that in mind, I’d like to just state that, I lovED Tomb Raider up until the most recent entry, and that now after three Bioshock games, none of which I have enjoyed enough to finish, all still fail to capture my imagination and I find them to be dare I say it? Boring.

Now I can’t be the only one in the Bioshock boat, yet, with all the magical 10/10 reviews floating around I thought maybe this would be the one that finally turned the tide.  Not a chance.


So here goes.  My impressions of Biocock: Infishite.

Normally first person shooters are instantly mocked for the varying shades of brown used in their war torn environments, making games like Medal of Honour and Call of Duty look relatively similar on the surface.  This can’t be said of Bioshock.  So many colours, so much to look at and a lot of detail put into flushing out the history of the place your in that I don’t know the name of because either:

A: I wasn’t listening when they told me
B: I didn’t play long enough for them to tell me.

ElizabethFeel free to take these impressions with a pinch of salt as I only played this for an hour and was so unimpressed I had to stop.  I’ve already had the “You hadn’t even got to the good bit yet” statements.  For a game that scores 10/10 surely they should all be good bits?

Admittedly I was still in what seemed like a tutorial stage, hell, I’d not even reached the blue girl but I didn’t care.

<– This is the blue girl

I was first taught how to kill roughly 10 people with my can-opener arm, then another 10 with a pistol, then again with a machine gun, then again with my vigor skills, consisting of, “sometimes take control of machines” and “throw fire inaccurately”.  Both equally useless. (FYI I have accurately named the skills.  They sound much cooler in the game.  I promise)

And then I was done.  I’ve actually turned off 10/10 Bioshock infinite to watch “Dogging Tales” on 4OD –



As I’ve previously used graphics rather then numbers to indicate my favor for a game, I think I make myself quite clear when I rate Bioshock Infinite a whopping:


Danny Glover





4 Responses

  1. You can’t write a review on an hour of gameplay before they even introduce one of the main characters. That’s like writing a review of the film Jurassic park before they even show a dinosaur.

  2. Jurassic Park made me want to see a dinosaur

  3. As much as I know you’d hate to hear this, it really does get better once Elizabeth is brought into the story. And that ending is the best I’ve EVER seen. In my opinion, the beginning is quite boring, but it gets much better the more you play it. It’s not a 10/10 in my opinion as the gameplay could get boring and the beginning is quite boring, but the story is immaculate and so different from the usual shoot and respawn games like COD. Obviously, this is your opinion, just trying to make you see that it’s not a bad game, just has some faults.

    • I’m 100% sure that there is something worth playing in there but based on the review scores I’m literally looking for it to spoon feed me greatness whenever and however I want it. Rating anything so highly is going to make people feel completely underwhelmed when it doesn’t live up to that expectation and this is definately what’s happened here.

      If you’re looking for a colourful shooter with poor AI, shooting mechanics and that may or may not have a good story after an hour or two then Bioshock Infinite is definitely the game for you. Haha, it’s just not for me. Bit gutted I shelled out for the ultimate song bird edition

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