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REVIEW: Just Buy Transistor Now


I saw Transistor a while ago but it dropped off the radar until recently where I saw it was finally available so I decided to pick it up.

Following on from the success of Supergiant’s first outing, Bastion, Transistor is a real-time/turn based isometric RPG set in the fictional city of Cloudbank.  You play as the famous “Red”, a singer who has had her voice stolen by the Transistor wielding Camerata who are out to control the robot army known as the “Process” with the help of the Transistor.  At the start of the game you pull the Transistor sword from the lifeless corpse of a male character who has just taken a mortal blow in your stead.  The soul of your savior has been transported into the Transistor allowing the sword to talk at you throughout your journey.

The game can be played completely in real time, mapping customisable skills to the face buttons, however another method of attack comes in the form or a mark and execute style move queuing system.   Pausing time will allow you to escape lethal blows, stack up skills for combo damage and attack from behind which was my preferred approach.  Battling will earn you experience which will in turn grant you with skill selections and other character enhancements at level up.

The game is approximately 3 hours long and has a new game plus mode as well carrying everything over from your previous run.

The soundtrack has some outstanding tracks on it, my favourite being Paper Boats.

This game will undoubtedly make it into a Humble Bundle at some point but it is definitely worth every penny at the moment.  Buy it on whatever you can and start playing now.

Transistor is phenomenal




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