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E3 Wrap Up & An Honourable Mention


Game Set & Match Nintendo.

Nintendo’s first 30 seconds was all it took to win E3.  Poking fun at their frequent flogging of the Mario franchises and silencing the Nintendo Direct critics, Nintendo showed us exactly why we should be picking up a Wii U this year and moving forward.

The big reveal for me, someone who doesn’t like Zelda, was Zelda.  The game looked stunning.  If they can really pull it off with as much polish as they showed this week, with enough depth to meet or even exceed expectation and lastly roll it all into some sort of online community sharing thing Nintendo will once again have a machine that prints money.


(Chopped from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/)

Smash Brothers is another game that looks like it’s been built from the ground up and has evolved into something that is more than just a fighting game.

Furthermore, Amiibo, Nintendo’s first party Skylanders, looks like something that if marketed, priced and supported correctly will join up with the Skylanders hype train and trundle happily together down the same track on its way to Eldorado.

For Me personally, Nintendo’s entire direct opened my eyes to everything I am currently unable to play.  I have a gaming rig PC and 9/10 times I feel like playing something, it’s available to me on demand with no need to buy a PS4 or Xbox One.  In addition, 9/10 the game will always look better on PC so at the moment there is nothing pulling me away from that.  Nintendo by contrast have games that for the most part aren’t available on PC and as such, if I want to play their games, I need their console.  Which I have now bought.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles X looks incredible and I want it now.
  • Mario maker looks great.  The ability to make your own Mario levels is something that needs to be handled in exactly the same way Sony sorted out Little Big Planet’s sharing mechanic.
  • Mario Party 10 will be your standard party affair
  • Bayonetta 2 including Bayonetta 1 physical copy only.  Very nice.


(Swindled from http://adventurecampradio.com/)

And finally……………


Ubisoft, The Honourable Mention:

Another good E3 from Ubisoft but after Watchdogs I’m not going to put all of the eggs in the “Footage is taken from a game that is early development and may not represent the final product” basket.  I will buy your games when they are not shite.


  • Black flag was great, I hope Unity is as well.  Tough task.  I’m hoping the multiplayer isn’t limited to just missions and that it features in the campaign although with the narrative of Creed previously it would be difficult to implement this.
  • The Rainbow Six trailer which was recorded from the most staged and rehearsed online multiplayer game ever played.  I’m pretty sure that if you gave that game to 8 14 yearr olds over Xbox Live the trailer would have looked like a massive clusterfuck and would have been over in about a minute.  I must say though, Ubisoft have given us another pipe dream.  Remember kids:


  • Just Dance Now is now the ultimate reply for “I can’t play because there are not enough controllers” when it comes to that point in the night a motion game is pulled out and you’re not quite drunk enough yet.  As logging on to through the website to register your scores is, or was implied to be free of charge, I wonder how long before this happens and we see a ridiculous law suit show up


(Thanks Nick Garner for dropping your phone http://garner.so/)

  • Far Cry 4 looks good.  I’m liking the look of multiplayer.  Keep that coming.  Make it over LAN yea?  I don’t trust Uplay on launch so I’d rather not have to deal with it.  Also, I have a 5.1 surround sound system so if you could get it so that can work with your games through Uplay that would be great too.

Overall, full credit to Nintendo for putting fun back into the word GfunAME.  Sony, Microsoft, anyone else, I’ve spelled it out for you.  The word fun is located between the G and the A.  My Wii U arrives tomorrow.

Welcome to Next Gen.


(Half inched from http://www.kotaku.co.uk/


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