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My First Day With The Wii U


Fresh off the back of the Nintendo conference this week, I, like many I’m assuming, have finally picked up a Wii U.  I’ve had it for a day and I am FAR from impressed.

  • The Initial Setup Straight Out of the Box

My gripe with the initial setup is that it asks you if you want to do things that the system is incapable of doing.  “Would you like to link a Nintendo ID?”.  You go through the logins, passwords and e mails only to be told you’ve not got the right firmware.  The setup asks you to input this shit on two occasions.

  • Wii Mode

To make the Wii U backwards compatible “Wii Mode” has been created which essentially locks your old Wii content to part of the Wii U.  The problem I have with this is that you can’t access your old games directly from your menu.  To get to all of your paid for content you must first essentially boot up your virtual Wii and then in true Wii fashion, navigate with your Wii mote.  Yes, navigate with your Wii mote on a touch screen game pad.  You can’t use the gamepad at all.

The other ridiculous thing about setting up the Wii is that, for example, you could be using your Wii U happily on the gamepad and think, “I’ll just switch to Wii”.  You have to change source on your TV, poke the Wii mote at the TV to tell it to go back to the game pad and even then you can’t  interact with it.  Did anyone not test this and how has this not been fixed in an update?

  • Emulating Virtual Console Games in an Emulated Wii

The games are displayed in a nice box in the center of the gamepad with no option to stretch or re-size.  It’s been a while since I played VC games on my Wii but I’m pretty sure it used to stretch it.  I can understand this approach when you’re playing on a big TV but on the game pad?  Even the PSP gave you viewing options.  I’ve googled this and can’t see that this can be adjusted but If it can, please let me know.

  • Why is Nintendo Running Two Shops?

I’ve noticed that some of the titles available on the Wii Shop are available on the Wii U Shop.  Wait what?  Yes two shops.  Why?  The trickery Nintendo seem to be employing here is that they seem to be giving you the option of paying for titles you already own, again.  It literally does print money.  IMO, and that doesn’t count for anything, the Wii U should be able to emulate VC games just fine and again, IMO, Nintendo should have been able to figure out a way to bring forward everything you have downloaded previously, make it accessible in their new interface, use the gamepad to sort all that shit out, not jump through gamepad, Wii mode, Wii mote shaped hoops and last but not least have one god damn shop.

I’ve played a bit of Nintendo Land and it was OK.  It’s not a £40 game by any stretch of the imagination.  Mario Kart is sitting in the disk tray and I got Super Mario with the download offer.   I’ve never been a fan of either over the years but @FF_Nash seems to of had a good time this evening.  I’ll keep an open mind.

If you have a wealth of content, Nintendo seems hell bent on not letting you have access to it.  Had you picked up the Wii U straight away and had no previous encounters with a Wii it would work like a charm.  However, I do have a wealth of content and Nintendo, you’ve made this process harder than it needs to be.

seriously meme



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