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About Me

First and foremost thank you for stopping by and I hope you like what you see and / or agree with what you read.  My name is Paul Shulver and as you might of guessed, I’m heavily invested in video games.

In starting this blog I hope to share my hobbie with others and give a few opinions on the games I’m currently playing.  Hopefully you’ll find my ramblings useful and you’ll continue to read and follow.

Ideally I’d love to work in the video game industry and earn a living doing what I love, which is one of the reasons I’ve spent the last five years with GAME / Gamestation sharing my knowledge with customers on a daily basis.

Feel free to add me on either XBL or PSN but be warned I very rarely play anything multiplayer as the majority of my games are single player RPGs, because there’s nothing quite like a good time sponge.

Cheers guys

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