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REVIEW: Call of Duty: Black Ops II

The yearly addition to the Call of Duty franchise is always a landmark in the gaming calendar as retailers up and down the country throw open their doors at midnight and play host to the swarms of people looking to get their hands on a copy as soon as the clock strikes twelve.

The only time you could catch me at a midnight launch would have been when I worked for GAME/Gamestation as I would have been one of the people forgoing sleep to sell you a copy, you die hard fans you.

My history with Call of Duty has been limited to everything after Modern Warfare but not including World at War, pretty much when the series took a jump in popularity really.  The only time I’ve felt compelled to actually spend money on the title was for the launch of Modern Warfare 2 but swiftly traded it all back in to recoup my money, opting to play future titles in marathon sessions of six hours on a Sunday in the stock room on an old dusty 15″ CRT.

Times have changed now though.  Borrowing a copy, pumping it through the DPX21 and sitting as close as possible to my 32″ Samsung without burning a hole in my retina, I marathon-ed Black Ops II last night to bring you this review today.

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Diablo: Get Over The Bugs

So Diablo walks the earth again but maybe with a stubbed toe and a crutch as the launch has been hampered by a few technical hitches server wise and that “game crippling” bug with the Demon Hunter’s – Paladin’s Shield equip.  But seriously, for all the aggro that this will inevitably cause it seems to me at least that the internet has somewhat thrown their toys out of the pram and got their nickers in a twist over some early teething problems.  What game, regardless of always on DRM hasn’t had bugs on day one?

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