REVIEW: Post Eurogamer Thoughts

Seeing some of the enormous queues made me wonder whether or not getting to front of them would be classed as time well spent or not.  Never the less I had a go at a few titles, some unexpected highlights and some confirming what I’d already thought.

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PREVIEW: Eurogamer Expo

Eurogamer kicks off today marking its fifth year running and third at Earls Court.  The expo offers members of the public and game industry regulars a chance to meet up, be social and play many of the new releases that are still a long way from being released.  Although for me personally this years expo hasn’t got a lot to offer, there is most definitely something for everyone and if you’re over the age of eighteen then even more as well.

Below is a list of where you are likely to find me throughout the course of the day.

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Fifa 12

Fifa 12 launched today and many stores up and down the country opened its doors at midnight, I was one of them.  We had a fantastic turnout and everyone who came down were in good spirits and eagerly awaited the midnight.  We had it set up on the pods so they could play each other while they waited so their late night wasn’t in vein.

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