NEWS: Project X Zone


As this is coming in via a touchscreen mobile phone on my lunch break expect a lot of this to either not make sense or be displayed ridiculously.

Yesterday Namco Bandai announced that they will be bringing Project X Zone to the US and Europe.

So why should you care?  WELL.

Project X Zone is another cross over title that features well known characters from some of the biggest franchises on the planet.  From Space Channel 5 from Sega through Resident Evil from Capcom and out the other side to Tekken from Namco, Project X Zone takes all your favourite characters and drops them into a really well worked RPG for the 3DS.

Namco Bandai seem to be habitually making my life right now.

Make sure you buy this game

REVIEW: Post Eurogamer Thoughts

Seeing some of the enormous queues made me wonder whether or not getting to front of them would be classed as time well spent or not.  Never the less I had a go at a few titles, some unexpected highlights and some confirming what I’d already thought.

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PREVIEW: Eurogamer Expo

Eurogamer kicks off today marking its fifth year running and third at Earls Court.  The expo offers members of the public and game industry regulars a chance to meet up, be social and play many of the new releases that are still a long way from being released.  Although for me personally this years expo hasn’t got a lot to offer, there is most definitely something for everyone and if you’re over the age of eighteen then even more as well.

Below is a list of where you are likely to find me throughout the course of the day.

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NEWS: Ni No Kuni and We Are Tekken

On Friday 7th September I had the opportunity to visit GAME HQ in Basingstoke for a bit of a community meet in collaboration with Namco Bandai to celebrate the launch of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.  Tekken however, was not the only game Namco bought with them, oh no.  In a smaller room off to the side was Ni No Kuni.

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OUT NOW: Tales of Graces F

As indicated by the subtle title, Tales of Graces F is now available in PAL territories for Playstation 3 and comes bundled with a few extra bits and bobs for early adopters.

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What’re Ya Boyin’

Failed attempt to phonetically recreate the ramblings of this man‘s iconic one liner as a subject for your latest entry is always a good way to start a post.  Reason being is that, shown above, is what I will be buying over the coming months and I’m going to tell you why.  Obviously if I find myself with some spare dolla I’ll pick up some other bits as well but failing that, this will definitely be hitting my shelves on day 1 of their release.

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Tales of Symphonia HD

Tales of Symphonia has been around for a while and yet I’ve never given it a fair shot.  Every time I sit down with it something else comes a long and I often get sidetracked and forget what it is I’m doing and have to start over.  This is likely to be the case with Tales of Graces as well as that is still sitting unfinished next to me.  So why a blog about Symphonia?  WELL.

Recently due to my Diablo venture I’ve splashed out on a new PC capable of playing games on full whack making the visuals look noticeably better then their console counter parts.  With that in mind I’ve applied the same to getting the most out of my old console games.

Using a Gamecube emulator and the physical disk copy of Tales of Symphonia I legitimately bought and own, I’ve been able to res up the visuals to a Vesperia and Graces standard and they look fantastic.  I’ll let you be the judge.


These two taken very early on in the game show the level of detail applied by the emulator.

If I find anything else particularly beautiful looking I’ll be sure to post it.