REVIEW: It’s Persona 4 Golden


Persona 4 Golden, to be quite honest, is the best role playing game I’ve played in a long time.  I sunk a good 100 hours into the original Playstation 2 incarnation, not knowing quite what it was I was doing, muddled my way through it and came out the other side a better person.  Thus birthed my Persona interest and moving swiftly in reverse, sprung Persona 3 FES out of its seal and began to sink maybe close to 150 hours into that as well.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have found it difficult to re-ignite that original spark you get from playing a RPG for the first time.  I look at great games sat on my shelf that I’ve already beaten and think…..can’t play that again, or if I do, I lose interest relatively quickly because there isn’t that carrot on a stick story telling to keep me interested because I know full well what will happen.  Now.  I know full well what happens in say Final Fantasy VII and yet this game never seems to age.  Persona 4 Golden, has exactly the same feeling.

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Happy Nippon Ichi Monday over at Zavvi

Standard Monday happenings from Zavvi giving up to 80% off selected products.  Having a gander through as I usually do I couldn’t help noticing the sheer amount of Nippon Ichi games and how good the price was for each, so, If you’re interested then keep reading, if you’re not then go about your day.

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Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

Just last week the guys over at NIS America shipped my all singing, all dancing Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Limited Edition over for me.  Was it worth the £90?  I think so.

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