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REVIEW: Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Probably the last thing you expected to see appear on this site considering the the fifty odd posts before it have mainly focussed on JRPGs however I do occasionally play games from other genres.  No, really I do.

Future Solider is the follow up title to the Advanced Warfighter franchise featuring the heoric and down right Mexican hating Scott Mitchell.  Although this game has no real tie in to the originals like its predecessor, some names do make reappearances although it’s unknown whether or not they are actually the same character.

So, was it worth the wait?

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Diablo 3

So where have I been?  The title of this post and the logo above should give you a fair idea.  So.  Diablo 3 launched a few weeks ago and I built myself a new gaming rig to play it and she is a beauty.  There is a lot I like about Diablo 3, mainly everything about the game.  The only thing I do not like is the fact that there has been a lot of down time.  Right this second I was booted off again.  I raged when it was announced that this game would require an always online internet connection to play, and I’m raging now because I am now once again locked out of a game I’ve already paid for.  Always on DRM is ridiculous.

If you follow me on twitter then you may have seen me say this a few days ago…

This has indeed happened and is now going through the editing phase.  The brief video tour was recorded while cooking and then eating my dinner so there is a little running commentary of that as well.  Picture quality is webcam standard terrible but I’m not prepared to let fraps or hyper cam cane my hard drive.  I shall look to have this up by weeks end.


Diablo: Get Over The Bugs

So Diablo walks the earth again but maybe with a stubbed toe and a crutch as the launch has been hampered by a few technical hitches server wise and that “game crippling” bug with the Demon Hunter’s – Paladin’s Shield equip.  But seriously, for all the aggro that this will inevitably cause it seems to me at least that the internet has somewhat thrown their toys out of the pram and got their nickers in a twist over some early teething problems.  What game, regardless of always on DRM hasn’t had bugs on day one?

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Long Time No See

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here mainly due to my new work schedule taking up the majority of my evening which means I’m having less time to play anything.  A lot of games have been put on hold like for example Tales of Graces F which I’m still crawling through on the Playstation 3.  Other games I’ve given up with, namely Pandora’s Tower, Witcher 2 and Fallout: New Vegas either because they lack depth, suffer from poor design, lazy programming or a combination of the three.

There is a draft sitting on here about The Witcher 2 and my experience with it which to be honest is a pretty brutal read.  Needless to say that The Witcher and I didn’t really see eye to eye and lasted all of 75 minutes before I threw in the towel.

What I have been doing in the mean time is buying games and building a PC worthy of Diablo 3.

So, in a clever play on words I present to you – What Is Paul Buying?

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