IMPRESSIONS: Resident Evil 6 Demo


Announced not so long ago, demo codes bundled with Dragon’s Dogma and now we’re only what, 3 weeks from its launch on October 2nd.  Resident Evil 6 is one of the big releases this Christmas season and sets out to right the wrong of previous games by keeping fans of old and new happy with differing gameplay styles for each of the thee main campaigns.

Now I’ve had a go at the demo, what did I think?

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What’re Ya Boyin’

Failed attempt to phonetically recreate the ramblings of this man‘s iconic one liner as a subject for your latest entry is always a good way to start a post.  Reason being is that, shown above, is what I will be buying over the coming months and I’m going to tell you why.  Obviously if I find myself with some spare dolla I’ll pick up some other bits as well but failing that, this will definitely be hitting my shelves on day 1 of their release.

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Resident Evil 2

Since its re-release on the Playstation network I’ve been re-living my childhood by re-playing Resident Evil 2.  Lots of “re” for RE.  See what I did?  Anyway, If you’ve never played one of the greatest entries in the Resident Evil franchise you now have no excuse to give it a whirl.

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Tales of The Abyss / El Shaddai / Resident Evil / Turtle Beach

As the title suggests, this blog will contain information regarding Tales of the Abyss, El Shaddai, Resident Evil and Turtle Beaches.  For me personally, this last week has included all 4 and below I’ll tell you why.

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What Are My Top 10 Games

This morning while making bacon sandwiches and listening to Lara’s video game theme covers got me thinking about what my favourite games of all time are.  If you haven’t seen Lara in action then do that now, then come back ad read this.

So what are my favourite games of all time?

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