REVIEW: Far Cry 3


Bored?  Buy Farcry 3.

I have never started a review off with links to where you can purchase something from but lets be clear. Far Cry 3 is magnificent.

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Persona 4: The Golden

It has arrived.

For everything you need to know about this game just follow my Twitter or see “My Vita View” to the right as I will be screenshot-ing my way through this gem of an RPG.

If you haven’t played or heard of, and, you are interested in quality RPG gaming on the PS2 or more recently the PS Vita, then pick up Persona 4 Golden when it drops in Europe next year or alternatively import it as I have.

This game will be carrying me through until Ni No Kuni in January.

I have however literally just finished Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker as part of the HD Collection released earlier this year.  I was skeptical because of the handheld controls but rest assured it transfers well on to the big screen and controller.

Peace Walker is a full fledged Metal Gear Solid game in its own right and introduces characters Paz and Chico, mentioned and seen in the Metal Gear solid Ground Zeroes demo also shown off earlier this year.  If you want to know a bit about their back story, work your way through Peace Walker. It’s going to take you roughly 12 hours give or take side missions etc etc.

REVIEW: Gungnir

One of the PSP’s more sought after titles this year, Gungnir is a tactical / strategy role playing game developed by Sting and published by Atlus.  I’m currently sat in Portugal with a massive hangover so I apologise in advance for any poor spelling or bad grammar, not that it’s particularly good anyway but now at least I have an excuse.

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NEWS: Ghostlight Announce More SMT for PAL

On 19/04/2012 Ghostlight games announced that more Shin Megami Tensei goodness will be making its way across the pond and into our DS’s and 3DS’s in the form of Devil Survivor 2 and the remastered prequel, Devil Survivor Overclocked.

Ghostlight have been working hard over the past couple of weeks with a flurry of other news in the form of PSN releases for the PS2 Devil Summoner games and also the upcoming release of Fate/Extra on the PSP shown below.

Where will the JRPG madness end?  Let’s hope it doesn’t because guys, you are saving me money on import tax.  Good work.

You can follow all the news over on the Ghostlight Blog or direct from the lovely Ross on Twitter

NEWS: Coin Get Over at Club Nintendo (Updated 17/04/12)

As reported this morning by Girl Gamers UK, if you were die hard enough to purchase and register all three recently released Wii JRPGs, that’s Last Story, Xenoblade and Pandora’s Tower with Club Nintendo then you may have seen this pop up:

So check those junk folders and keep an eye out for anything remotely awesome coming from Nintendo.  I’ll update this as soon as I get mine.

It’s while stocks last and no word of how many units are available so go and get Pandora’s Tower now if you haven’t already. is probably the cheapest reputable retailer at the moment (16/04/12) for the Standard Edition at £30 roles in at £36 for the Limited Edition. (16/04/12)

Good luck

Cheers Girl Gamers UK!  Follow them @GirlGamersUK 


Just received an e-mail from Nintendo confirming that I have registered all three games.  Looked like this:

I guess it’s time to look for another e-mail in the near future.

Tales Of Graces F

To my surprise, Tales Of Graces F turned up on my doorstep, in the UK, a day before its release in the states.  How this happened I have no idea but I am most definitely not complaining.

I have in no way scratched the surface of this game yet but I thought I’d let you know what I’ve found so far.

*Minor Spoiler Warning*

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The Last Story

The second RPG to appear on the WIii in as many months, the first being of course Xenoblade and we all know how much I enjoyed that beauty.

Sakaguchi’s “The Last Story” is the third game developed by team Mystwalker whose past games include Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, both Xbox 360 exclusives.

How am I liking Last Story?  Find out below.

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