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I”ll update this post with what actually happened later

Persona 4: The Golden

It has arrived.

For everything you need to know about this game just follow my Twitter or see “My Vita View” to the right as I will be screenshot-ing my way through this gem of an RPG.

If you haven’t played or heard of, and, you are interested in quality RPG gaming on the PS2 or more recently the PS Vita, then pick up Persona 4 Golden when it drops in Europe next year or alternatively import it as I have.

This game will be carrying me through until Ni No Kuni in January.

I have however literally just finished Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker as part of the HD Collection released earlier this year.  I was skeptical because of the handheld controls but rest assured it transfers well on to the big screen and controller.

Peace Walker is a full fledged Metal Gear Solid game in its own right and introduces characters Paz and Chico, mentioned and seen in the Metal Gear solid Ground Zeroes demo also shown off earlier this year.  If you want to know a bit about their back story, work your way through Peace Walker. It’s going to take you roughly 12 hours give or take side missions etc etc.

What’s Up With That? Useless Firmware Updates

Updates.  So many updates.  I don’t know about you but when I get a game I want to be able to put it in and just start playing.  Whether it’s on the Xbox or the Playstation you can’t escape the inevitable mandatory update or install.  It’s painful.  What’s up with that?

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Playstation Vita

Bam, Vita, It’s here.  Now that it’s out and I’ve purchased, played and tinkered with my own console I can now safely say that there are things I absolutely love, and things that are just woeful about Sony’s new machine.

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Follow My Vita

Today I purchased a 3G enabled Playstation Vita so I thought what better way to use the Flickr app then to document the life of my new machine in pictures for people to follow.

The pictures will automatically appear on the left but if you want to head on over to Flickr to view my currently baron account then you’re more then welcome to do so here.

Playstation Vita

I’ve had the opportunity to have some serious hands on time with Sony’s new portable and a few of the launch titles, weighed up the pros and cons of going for either a Wifi or a 3G model and even managed to crash the system using remote play.  Want to know more?

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