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E3 Wrap Up & An Honourable Mention


Game Set & Match Nintendo.

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NEWS: Coin Get Over at Club Nintendo (Updated 17/04/12)

As reported this morning by Girl Gamers UK, if you were die hard enough to purchase and register all three recently released Wii JRPGs, that’s Last Story, Xenoblade and Pandora’s Tower with Club Nintendo then you may have seen this pop up:

So check those junk folders and keep an eye out for anything remotely awesome coming from Nintendo.  I’ll update this as soon as I get mine.

It’s while stocks last and no word of how many units are available so go and get Pandora’s Tower now if you haven’t already.

ShopTo.net is probably the cheapest reputable retailer at the moment (16/04/12) for the Standard Edition at £30

Amazon.co.uk roles in at £36 for the Limited Edition. (16/04/12)

Good luck

Cheers Girl Gamers UK!  Follow them @GirlGamersUK 


Just received an e-mail from Nintendo confirming that I have registered all three games.  Looked like this:

I guess it’s time to look for another e-mail in the near future.